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What is The W-League

The SCFL W-League is the Premier Conference based Women’s Futsal League in Australia, which has the goal and focus to elevate Women’s Futsal by providing a platform for Female Futsal players to further develop their skills and to provide pathways to the W-League National Championships, Intercontinental Club Championships and Australian National Team Selection.

The W-league is sanctioned and governed by the Federation of Australian Futsal (FAF) and played under International Futsal Rules.

W-League Structure

The W-League encompasses 10 regular season rounds with the top two finishing teams of the regular season, automatically gaining promotion to the W-League National Championships.

At the end of the regular season, the top four points based teams qualify for the elimination final series, providing the opportunity for either the 3rd of 4th placed team to also be promoted to the W-League National Championships if they win the grand final.

The grand finalists in each age group of the W-League National Championships, will be eligible for the Intercontinental Women’s Futsal Club Championships as part of SCFL and FAF affiliation with the International Futsal Governing body AMF and Australian National Team selection.

W-League Regular Season Formant

The regular season consists of 10 regular rounds with teams ranked on points in a combined table which will determine the end of season placings and progression into the elimination finals series.

Each team will play once a week against each team in their league.

League Points: A game win will be awarded 2 points, with a draw awarded 1 point and a loss awarded 0 points

For and Against: If teams are tied on points at the end of the regular season, goals for and against will be used to determine positions.

Game Times: Each league game will have two equal halves between 25 minutes each and one half time break of 7 minutes.

Entering Your Team

The SCFL W-League is governed by the Federation of Australian Futsal, where our vision for futsal is to elevate the game and provide quality and professionally operated leagues to improve the developmental pathways for Female Futsal Players, leading to a the first nationally based professional Women’s Futsal League.

We welcome both established Futsal teams/Clubs and newly formed futsal teams/clubs to enter the W-League, this is however on the basis that you also share our vision for Futsal and values.

W-League National Championships

W-Leagues operate concurrently in each major state under the same format as outlined above, with the 1st and 2nd place of the regular season and grand final winners if different playing against the champions of other state W-Leagues, the format of the National Championships will be determined and circulated to all participating teams before the tournament commences.

Professional Code of Conduct

The SCFL and FAF would like to welcome all players, teams and coaches from all backgrounds and walks of life into the W-League, we do however ask that respect for each other which includes SCFL match officials, support staff, other players, coaches, the ‘Beautiful Game of Futsal’ and the laws which govern it are adhered to, as for all players entering the W-League we are all examples of good sportsmanship, professional conduct and role models for young aspire Female Futsal players.


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