FAF National Futsal Teams


We are excited to announce the launch of The FAF National Futsal Teams, High Performance Player Program.

This nationwide initiative is the first of its kind in the history of Futsal in Australia. The program will be introduced with two day intensive player camps to be held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with more locations to come on board later.

We hope to provide every aspiring futsal player in the country, the opportunity to trial for a chance to represent their country in Futsal , for the  U/ 14, U/ 17, U/20, Open Men and Women’s National Squads that will be competing at their respective AMF World Cups.

The FAF National Futsal Teams, High Performance Player Programwill provide an opportunity for talent identification and development not simply a means to selection. Its core focus is to nurture, bring together and progress aspiring advanced players, in a structured, meaningful, challenging, and ‘elite’ environment.

This initiative is a comprehensive and leading futsal training development and preparation program. Its aim is to create a realistic pathway, a uniformed nationally accepted and athlete centered identification, development and performance oriented Futsal curriculum.

The HPPP is a complete Futsal training system. It has been designed with the ‘best practice’ technical, tactical, physical and mental performance benchmarks and models in mind, from around the world, to meet the requirements of the ‘Australian Futsal Player’.

The programs integrates the latest Futsal development age specific initiatives, sports science applications, coaching methodologies, training regimes, personal development practices and mentoring processes. All of this is delivered, monitored and developed by highly qualified coaches.


Our mission is simple, to provide Australian Futsal players the honour and truly distinctive experience and opportunity of representing their country on the International Futsal World Cup stage.


Our vision is to be acknowledged as the leading provider of National Futsal Team representative opportunities, developmental pathways and international team success.


The Federation of Australian Futsal recognise that we have a unique environment in comparison to the rest of the futsal world. We are clear on the limitations of this environment but are equally as clear on the competitive advantage that this environment can also provide.

Based on the foundations of what makes all Australian sporting teams successful – we can be the best futsal nation in the world at the following:

Physical preparation of athletes for international competition

More time to physically prepare athletes and the team due to limited domestic competitions and restrictions on access to players

Individualisation of an athlete’s program developed through a tailored Individual Performance Plan (IPP) and extensive monitoring and tracking of progress through our Athlete Management System (AMS)

Quality people and quality leaders who are committed and accountable to driving an uncompromising professional approach

Delivered through tailored coaching and athlete leadership initiatives

A winning mentality/ mindset – identification, development and support of people that can contribute to medal outcomes (athletes, coaches and support staff)

An expert HP team around the team – Opportunity to access experts in their field that can create incremental gains for our program and athletes