Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide opportunities and pathways for all players,
and officialsat any level bybringing Futsal to as many
Australian communities as possible.
We strive in providing a professional
service with a respectful and friendly attitude.
We see Futsal as being one of the main sports in Australia”.

About Us

Who We Are

Federation of Australia Futsal (FAF) is a Not for Profit organisation and the governing body of Futsal in Australia under the membership of Asociacion Mundial de Futsal (AMF) the international governing body for Futsal. Information regarding AMF is available at www.amfutsal.com.py

AMF is made up of the FAF and over 55 other national associations, and also recognises six confederations loosely grouped along continental lines. Each national association is also a member of a confederation. FAFis a member of the Oceania Futsal Confederation (OFC) since joining the body on December 152015.

Federation of Australia Futsal was established in December 2015to bring AMF Futsal to Australia and create greater pathways and opportunities for all its members by providing avenues for players and officials to represent Australia in the AMF Tournaments and World Cups ensuring the sport continues to grow in Australia.

FAF’s long term vision is for Futsal to be one of the largest and most popular sports in Australia with the ultimate goal of making it an Olympic sport.

In order to achieve this vision, FAF’s business is structured across eight main strategic pillars:

  1. National Teams(National teams to represent their country at International Tournaments).
  2. Elite Player Development (Player Development programs established to provide a pathway for players).
  3. Elite Referee’s Development (Referee Development programs established to create the highest standard of officiating with the opportunity to represent their country).
  4. Elite Coaching Development (Coaching Development programs established to create the highest standard of Coaching with the opportunity to coach a National and International teams).
    5. Community Futsal (Programs and competitions for all standards of Futsal).
  5. Schools Development (Programs to get Schools involved in futsal with the aim of making Futsal a recognised School Sport).
  6. Future National League (A National League established to showcase the sport and create opportunities for the domestic player to play at the highest possible standard in Australia).
  7. Olympics Push (A strategic plan to make Futsal an Olympic Sport).

 FAF Board

The FAF Board will be made up of Regional Members with their main aimsbeing to ensure the sport of Futsal continues to grow, run National Tournaments, and ensure all the 8 pillars of the FAF long term vision are met.

  • President: Antonio Cifuentes Marquez
  • Vice President: Benoit Versang
  • Secretary: Kevin Calvert
  • Regional Administrations: Marty Calvert

Read more at www.futsalaustralia.org.au