Intersport Management and FAF Partnership!

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Intersport Management and FAF Partnership!

Federation of Australian Futsal (FAF) and Intersport Management (IM) have agreed to a partnership in which IM will manage and run and manage all FAF competitions, leagues and tournaments for the next 5 years.
The partnership between FAF and IM is part of FAF’s efforts to progress Futsal in Australia.

This strategic alliance will bring a more professional structure to FAF with IM’s wealth of experience in organising and managing National, and International tournaments as well as events with a focus on club, player and coach development and exposure.
Through this partnership, FAF hopes to expand its reach and offer more high-quality events and programs to Futsal players and fans alike.
Moreover, this collaboration will create new avenues for not only the Futsal players but also the coaches and clubs across Australia, as IM has extensive connections with professional Futsal Leagues, Clubs and Organisations in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia.
This will enable FAF to tap into the extensive networks and resources that IM has developed over the years.

This association will also give the Futsal community in Australia greater opportunities and exposure to International Clubs with professional Futsal camps, clinics and programs that only IM can deliver.

With this new collaboration, FAF is poised to become one of the leading Futsal organisations in the region and beyond. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming FAF and IM Futsal leagues and tournaments..

Make sure to check out FAF’s and IM’s social media channels for the latest updates on their upcoming Futsal leagues and tournaments.


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