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The FAF National Australian Women’s Futsal Team (The Golden Wattles) will be heading to Colombia to compete in the AMF Women’s Futsal World Cup in late October 2022.

This will be the second Women’s World Cup for FAF where the Golden Wattles finished 8th 5 years ago in Balaguer, Spain, making it a very big miles stone for Women’s Futsal in Australia.

This year the Ladies are looking to go even better and will aim to reach the Quarter Finals with the help of Head Coach Glenn Woodhouse and newly appointed Assistant Coach Mick Day.

More than 35 Ladies have been identified from all over Australia as possible candidates for the final squad and the first lot of training camps begin in Port Macquarie, NSW this weekend with all day training sessions both Saturday and Sunday.

Training Camp details:

Dates: 26th & 27th March
Venue: Wauchope Indoor Stadium

Address: Cameron Street Wauchope NSW

Day 1. 10:00am start / approx. 3:00pm finish

Day 2. 9:00am start / approx. 2:00pm finish

Glenn and Mick are both quietly confident in reaching the Quarter Finals this year and are very excited with the list of Ladies identified.

Glenn said “I very pleased to see such a large number of players committed to the training camps and is looking forward to working with one of the top Women’s Futsal Coaches in Australia “Mick Day” as they take on the challenge of  a lifetime as they take on some of the best Futsal Nations in the World, such as Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Paraguay, just to name a few.  Mick has done a fantastic job in identifying and contacting close to 40 of the top Women’s Futsal players in Australia, and its going to be difficult to bring that number down to just 12 to travel to Colombia, but with 7 months of training and preparation, this will give the us the “Golden Wattles” the best every possible chance of making it past the group stage and doing much better than last time.

This will be Mick Day’s first appearance as a Coach at a World Cup but has proven himself to be one of the best Women’s Futsal coaches in Australia by competing in some of the best Futsal tournaments not only in Australia, but also overseas.

Here is what Mick had to say “I am very excited to be given this opportunity by FAF, we (the Golden Wattles) are heading to the World Cup! Wow, what an honour, not only for me, but for all the girls,
as some of them will get to live out their dreams of representing their Country at a World Cup.
I think it is very important for Australia to have a National Women’s Futsal team and this Women’s Futsal World Cup gives us the perfect platform to represent.
There is no bigger stage to highlight our talented Australian women, and I am very excited to work with the girls we have identified from all over Australia.
These girls are some of the best Futsal Players from around the country. Glenn and myself have been working very hard for many months to get the girls here this weekend,
and I am looking forward to being a part of the next step towards representing Australia at the World Cup.”

FAF would like to congratulate the following Ladies that have been identified for the first training camp and we wish them all of the very best of luck!

In no particular order

Name Club State
Jessica Au Amazon FC Victoria
Shannon Day Eastcoast Eagles NSW
Dominique Spampinato EliteFoot FC QLD
Steph Morrison Eastcoast Eagles NSW
Kate Brown Eastcoast Futsal Academy NSW
Alyson Pym Carlton Heart Victoria
Pixie Hill Eastcoast Futsal Academy NSW
Hayley Shields River City FC QLD
Katie Thorn Eastcoast Eagles NSW
Rory Ballard Eastcoast Eagles NSW
Jessica Hayes Eastcoast Eagles NSW
Willow Neal Eastcoast Eagles NSW
Britt Hargreaves Eastcoast Eagles NSW
Natalya Baird Watson EliteFoot FC QLD
Georgia Teeling Eastcoast Futsal Academy NSW
Helen Moseley Eastcoast Eagles NSW
Breanna martin Eastcoast Eagles NSW
Nalani Mison Eastcoast Futsal Academy NSW
Sophie Batchelor Eastcoast Futsal Academy NSW
JJ Mclean Crusaders FC QLD
Emily Dunn Crusaders FC QLD
April Gleeson Crusaders FC QLD
Abbey Dolan North Coast Futsal NSW
Lily Lehmann-Harmer River City FC QLD
Sarah king Eastcoast Futsal Academy NSW
Rebecca Davies Melbourne Evolution Futsal Club Victoria
Rhiana Martin River City FC QLD
Sophie Boyd Eastcoast Futsal Academy NSW
Tia Magarry River City FC QLD
Sophie Goodwin FNQ Hotdogs FC QLD
Anabelle Gibson Crusaders FC QLD
Zoee Spadano South Perth Futsal Club & Perth Pumas WA WA
Kayla McCulloch Perth WA WA
Jaykila O’Driscoll Grafton / North Coast Futsal NSW
Mary Mayo Fire FC – Brisbane Central Futsal QLD
Clarissa Margaret Carlton Heart FC Victoria


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