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Indoor 5’s Futsal Inc. NSW partner with FAF & Evo Futsal

In what will be seen as a very bold move by many, the very popular and long standing Indoor 5’s Futsal Inc. is joining forces with Federation of Australian Futsal (FAF) and Evo Futsal to further promote and grow the sport Futsal in NSW. This joint venture will see new all year round Futsal competitions and leagues in the Sydney region.

Indoor 5’s Futsal Inc. has been around since it was established in the early 1980’s under the name of NSW Futsal Association Ltd as the peak state body for Futsal in New South Wales.

In 2003-04, following the release of the Crawford Report into the overall operations of football in Australia, the members of NSW Futsal Association Ltd accepted the Board’s recommendation to transfer state responsibilities for the sport to Football NSW while retaining control of the Indoor 5s Futsal Club with the members. Many of the board members at this time remained with the Indoor 5s Futsal Club and remain there today.

Since its incorporation in 2000 indoor 5’s has continued to identify and establish new venues while retaining its own venues and competitions at Sydney University and Ryde Aquatic Centre. Currently they operate at Sydney University four (3) nights a week, Ryde Aquatic Centre (1) night due to limited court availability and at the Camperdown Tennis Centre (1) night and have over 130 teams and 1,000+ registered players participating in these competitions all year round.

Antonio Cifuentes, President of FAF has said “I very excited by this new partnership with Indoor 5’s Futsal! This is a very important step in uniting the sport and all the independent operators out there. We are very pleased to work with Indoor 5’s Futsal and Frank Rossi (CEO of Indoor 5’s Futsal) as we both believe that the sport of Futsal should be a sport in its own right and be independently run, separate  to any of the Football bodies if we are to succeed as a sport. I also believe and hope that this partnership will be the start of the unification of Futsal and we start to see more Futsal organisations and or individuals that wish to see Futsal where it deserves to be in Australia come together to truly develop Futsal to where it should be in Australia! 

Frank Rossi, CEO of Indoor 5’s Futsal has commented on the partnership by saying “ It’s time that all the independents started to work together and unify the sport. This is our way (Indoor 5s Futsal), to show everyone out there that together we are stronger.” 

The partnership will see the start of more Junior and Senior Futsal competitions run all year round across NSW, with the very first Leagues kicking off in the newly renovated Arncliffe Youth Centre on the Princes Hwy.

These new competition will be run and managed by Evo Futsal and overseen by Indoor 5’s Futsal and FAF. The leagues available will be for Juniors from as young as 7 to Senior Men’s, Ladies and Mixed and will be played on Saturday’s and Monday’s from 5pm to 7pm for juniors with seniors starting from 7pm.

For more information on the new Leagues and how you can get involved as a team or individual, please feel free to contact:

Frank on 0413 382 432


Evo Futsal on 0430 308 917



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