World Cup Draw to be Televised LIVE

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The AMF U/17 World Cup Draw will be televised LIVE from Paraguay Futsal headquarters on the 10th of May at 11am, Australian Eastern Standard Time will be 1am on the 11th of May.
It will be televised on USTREAM through
The format for the World Cup will be (12 Countries).
3 Groups of 4 teams – The top two finishing teams from each Group will go onto the Quarter Finals + the 2 best third placed teams from the 3 groups.
The winners from this will go onto Semi Finals with the Winners going onto the Grand Final of the World Cup.
Countries competing are:
Heads of each Group as placed by Ranking:
1. Paraguay.
2. Colombia.
3. Argentina
The Rest of the Countries will be placed in these Groups as determined by the Draw.
4. Brazil
5. Uruguay
6. Catalonia
7. Belgium
8. Morocco
9. India
10. Australia
11. Curacao
12. Kazakhstan


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